Zebra Finch Cage Location

If you are a first time Zebra owner it is not uncommon to be unsure about which cage to buy. It is suggested that you purchase a cage that contains bars that are as big as one half inch since they are small birds. If you have a pair of birds their cage should be no smaller than 16x12x16 so they can have enough room to exercise. Additionally, there should be at least two perches in the cage but not too many so they do not have flying room. Furthermore, stay away from sand paper perches because they are hard on their feet.

When it comes to the style and shape of the cage basically any cage will do. However, you will want to keep in mind how much work it is going to be for you to clean as well as how well it is going to be able to handle the messy seeds flying in addition to how you will be able to catch you bird when needed.

When Zebras are ready to sleep they prefer to do so in a nest. However, by no means is this something that is mandatory. Furthermore, if there is a nest present they are going to breed and lay eggs. If babies are something that you do not want you should not purchase a nest. But, if you do want babies a nest can be found at the pet store and the most common types are the ones that are enclosed wicker nests that have a whole in the front.

If you have wood covering you will find that newspaper will be your best friend. It is not only inexpensive but it collects their droppings as well as being easy to remove. Not to mention the fact that birds love to play with it as well. Additionally, you can also consider other animal bedding materials such as crushed corn cobs or pine shavings. However, it is not recommended for you to consider aromatic cedar shavings due to the fact that they can make a very big mess depending on the cage type you have.

No strings. Toys are something that is considered to be a treat. Remember they live in a home that only has one room and they need something to do. However, unlike parakeets and parrots finches do not play with toys as much but they are curious birds and like sticking their beaks into things. So, try out a variety of things to see what they enjoy.

When you have multiple Zebras you should only keep one pair in each cage. They are a hierarchical society and you make it less of a chance of them fighting or the top position if it is only two of the in a cage. Additionally, if you have multiple pairs in one cage you are not allowing them to promote breeding or live healthy in general. However, if you have a larger cage such as 20x20x60 it may be okay to have multiple pairs together such as three. But, you can still expect a little picking to take place. Additionally, you are going to need to have as many nests as you have pairs along with perches sitting at different levels.

Lastly, to help prevent fighting you can use pinch clothes pins on the perches spread approximately six inches apart. This way when they are pushing each other around they will have boundaries.





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