Zebra Finch - Where to Buy

When you are considering purchasing a Zebra Finch the most popular location to purchase one is going to be at the pet store. This is because they usually are not very pricey. In fact, they usually run you no more than twelve to thirty dollars for a pair. However, when you go to a pet store you can only expect to find the gray, white, silver and occasionally Chestnut Flanked Whites. If a rare color is what you had your mind set on you are going to have to contact a breeder. Currently, there are seventeen to twenty colors that have been recognized but there are other combinations of Zebra finches as well.

When it comes time to pick out your birds you will want to make sure that they are in good health. This is something that can be done by observing them for a few moments. If you notice that they are alone in the corner, have a puppy appear, or appears to be injured you will want to pass on them and instead go for the birds who look healthy and are very active and alert.



When shopping at a pet store you will find it is not uncommon for their birds to be missing some feathers. This could be a result of too many birds being held in the cage together which results in confrontations. However, if it is just a little bit of feathers missing from them you have nothing to be concerned about due to the fact that they can grow back unless the bird has been picked to the point that their skin has been permanently damaged.

Specialists suggest that you get more than one Zebra due to the fact that they enjoy the company of other birds. More specifically, you may want to consider purchasing both a male and a female. However, if you are purchasing from a store that will not know which birds are related and which are not. But, if you just want them for pets this should not be a major factor in your decision. If you are planning to breed the birds it is important that you go for the unrelated birds. So, it may be best to shop around at different pet stores until you find one that is knowledgeable as to whether or not the birds are related. Additionally, you could also purchase the male from one store and the female from another store as well.

Overall, it does not matter whether or not you are planning to breed the birds because either way the hen is still going to lay eggs. If she does not have a nest they will be laid on the floor or in the dish she feeds from. All you have to do is remove the eggs.




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Basic Care

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