Zebra Finch Links

www.ZebraFinch.com (ACADIANA AVIARIES)
Garrie Landry's website. A lot of Zebra Finch info. Birds and Products for sale.

One of the best Zebra Finch sites on the web. A lot of Zebra Finch info and photos. Birds and Products for sale.

Zebra Finches on the Internet. Great site with cool Genetic Advisor and Color guide. 


Good Society Finch website with tons of photos of society mutations and lots of info on breeding & showing.


Zebra Finch Diet

Zebra finches have a basic diet of seeds. It is best to buy a mix that has been commercially prepared. This is because it is good for your birds as it is mixed equally. However, it is not recommended to...

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Zebra Finch Cage

If you are a first time Zebra owner it is not uncommon to be unsure about which cage to buy. It is suggested that you purchase a cage that contains bars that are as big as one half inch since...

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Basic Care

When it comes to maintaining their health there is not much that you have to do. The most important thing that you have to do is make sure that they are eating a balanced diet. However, you do need ...

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