Egg Candler

Judge Fertility Without Risking Damage to 
Those Delicate Finch Eggs

Now you can candle your finch eggs while they're still in the nest. Don't risk breaking or cracking those tiny eggs by taking them out of the nest to determine fertility. Touching the eggs also coats them with a thin layer of oil that blocks the micro pores that the developing embryo breathes through.

This handy finch egg candler features a recessed bulb to avoid contact with the egg and a clip activated light that only illuminates when pressed so the bulb will not heat up and cannot be accidentally be left on. Batteries and bulb are easily replaced. Plus, it sports the tail feather of the greatest of all finches - the Zebra Finch!



Why Candle My Zebra Finches' Eggs?

Infertile eggs should be removed from the nest to avoid soiling the nests. In large clutches, removing the infertile eggs allows the parents to better cover the remaining eggs. If the entire clutch is infertile, you can remove the eggs to get the pair started on their next clutch as soon as possible. Candling finch eggs can also tell you more than if the eggs are just fertile. The age of the egg can often be determined by the size of the air chamber, defects in the shell are easily seen and embryos dead in the shell can be discovered and removed.

The ZFS egg candler works better than small flash lights like the Mini Mag Lite (R), or removing the eggs to be placed on home-made box candlers.




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