Zebra Finch Cage Location

When considering purchasing a Zebra you will probably be concerned about where they should be in your home. However, this is something that varies on case by case basics due to the fact that some people want them as pets while others are getting them for breeding purposes.

If you are purchasing them for strictly pets it is best to keep them where the family is going to be at the most. This is because having them in the family room is the only way that you are really going to be able to enjoy them. However, you should be aware that the kitchen is not a recommended place due to the fact that they can make quite a mess.

Places with lots of light are always suggested however if you are putting them in direct sunlight you will want to make sure that you remove them when the temperatures rise. Zebras are very similar to humans they need to have the same type of temperature that you would enjoy yourself.



Families who have small children need to make sure that the cage it out of the child’s reach. Additionally, if you have other pets you will want to make sure that it is out of their reach as well so they will not be tempted to bother them. However, many families have not had too many problems when they leave their other pets alone with the birds because they can easily be trained not to bother them. Obviously, you will still need to be alert about the situation.

Cages also should not be placed in places where they will catch a draft. This is because this can be very uncomfortable for the birds and unlike humans they are unable to reposition themselves as they are stuck inside of the cage. Additionally, keep in mind that air conditioning is something that can cause drafts for them as well.

Overall, Zebras are hardly birds. You just have to keep in mind that they should be placed in a place where you yourself would be comfortable.





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